India’s 20 Most Impactful Power Brand

“Spitze By Everyday” has been again awarded  India’s 20 Most Impactful Power Brands  in Power Brands Indian Superpower Edition 2022.

Award presented by Actress Ms. Manjari Fadnnis. Power Brands is a status offered only to the most powerful brands on earth in their respective areas of operation based upon an extremely comprehensive global research. Companies that have carved a niche’ for themselves in their respective industries through repeatout shining their competitors elevate themselves to being given the status of Power Brands.

Apart from contributing to a better positioning of the brand in the competitive market place it has also been acknowledged by consumers and suppliers as a driver of faith in the product.

Being research driven, getting the Power Brands status has been found to be a great brand strengthening tool, since, the selection process is completely transparent and participants clearly know that no other company other than the ones who have been already declared as India’s 20 Most Impactful Power Brands, will be offered this status. This is an invitation that money literally can’t buy. You have to have achieve the status and power of being one of India’s Most Brands to be eligible for this invite.

India’s Most Trusted Brand

We are delighted to announce that “Spitze by Everyday” has been selected as India’s Most Trusted Brand in Kitchen & Wardrobe Accessories Segment.

Award presented by Mrs. Nisha Narayanan (Director & COO of RedFm) & Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary (Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Zee TV  Entertainment)

This award of excellence is for being one of the Most Trusted & Strongest Brands in India. The Award Signifies Highest Consumer Trust & Brand excellence in the Industry.

Prestigious Rising Brands of India 2021

We with immense zest & deep pleasure would like to announce that Herald Global PB honours “Spitze by Everyday” as Prestigious Rising Brand of India 2021 in Rising Category Modular Kitchen Accessories”.

Prestigious Rising Brands of India 2021 is listing of remarkable brands who have redefined the benchmarks in their respective fields through their legacy and sustainability in the market. The list involves the most renowned as well as fastest growing brands that have authenticated their objectives to create the future by embracing a combination of their advanced products or services and have contributed in transforming the economy. Moreover, these brands by virtue of their unique value propositions and attributes have established an incomparable set of beacons and reinforced a profound and meaningful marketing connect with their customers.

Power Brand

With utmost pride, we would like to announce that “Spitze by Everyday” has been awarded “Power Brands: Industry Trendsetter/Rising Star 2020-21” in the 2020 edition of Power Brands, following an extensive all-India research conducted by Indian Council of Market Research (ICMR).

“Power Brands Industry Trendsetter” is a status offered only to the most powerful brands in their respective areas of operation. These are exceptional brands/leaders that distinguish themselves from all others through repeatedly outshining their competitors. And being consumer & industry validated, getting the power brands status has been found to be a great brand strengthening tool & is acknowledged by consumers & suppliers as a driver of faith in the product/service/individual.

In our Industry, Hettich- Dorset from Hardware segment and Faber from the Kitchen Appliances segment have got this Powerbrand Award before 2-3 years ago. And now this year Spitze from the Kitchen & Wardrobe Accessory segment have won this award.

So we are very much privileged that we are the 4th one to get this award from our Industry.

India design mark

India Design Mark is a design standard, a symbol, which recognizes good design. India Design Mark symbolizes excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing & socially responsible.


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TUV Nord

Maruti Interior Products Private Limited has received ISO 9001:2015, which sets out the requirements for a quality management system, which helps our business and organization to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction


Intertek Certification proves your credibility to the market. To deliver that credibility, Intertek maintains extensive global accreditations and recognitions for our testing and certification services.

As global markets grow and expand, there are more consumers seeking safe, reliable and increasingly eco-conscious products. With both international and local proficiency, Intertek brings the qualifications you need to get your products in front of the right eyes.

ZED Gold

Maruti Interior Products Limited has received ZED Gold certificate, which is the highest level of quality certification provided under the ZED Certification Scheme for MSMEs in India. It is given to MSMEs who have excelled in every sphere of quality, safety, production, tidiness, energy, and the environment.