Inner Drawer Fitting 88MM

With a hectic work life, we would love to find some peace at home, right? But seeing a messy kitchen doesn’t help with the peace. For that take a look at our product: Inner Drawer Fitting. Its uses are not just limited to the kitchen, you can fit it in any drawer space in your home. It comes with an easy to use installation guide as it is a DIY installation system. You get two color options to choose from: Grey and White. Spitze by Everyday provides a modern solution to your modern kitchen problems!

Inner Drawer Fitting 88MM Features

  • Easy installation
  • DIY product (Do it yourself)
  • 2 color options

Inner Drawer Fitting 88MM Internal Parts

Front Panel (Grey)

Decorative Cover (Grey)

88mm fittting (Grey)

Front Panel (White)

Decorative Cover (White)

88mm fittting (White)

Inner Drawer Fitting 88MM Technical Specifications

Inner Installation Dimensions
Name Cutting Length
1. Front Profile Inner Cabinet Width -(minus) 18.5 mm
2. Decorative Cover Inner Cabinet Width -(minus) 47 mm

Inner Drawer Fitting 88MM Video