Carousel Corner

If you face storage as well as space issues we bring to you our corner carousel. These are two storied trays that come with a smart design to accommodate all your different containers at one place. The carousel could be fit in any spare corner of your home thus saving you space. It strikes a fine balance of storage and convenience. You can store any item, big or small, in this carousel. The system holds the items stored in a secure manner. It comes with exclusive and fine quality due to quality powder coating and chrome plating which provide protection against corrosion and improves durability and toughness thus giving the product a long life. The functioning is extremely smooth, the tray rotates at the flick of a finger. It comes with a DIY installation guide and can be installed regardless of the location because of universal installation. Thanks to its adjustable height one can adjust the carousel in a way that suits them best.

Carousel Corner Features

  • Adjustable Heights
  • High Gloss UV HMR Board
  • DIY installation
  • Smooth functioning
  • Best in Quality Powder Coating & Chrome Plating
  • Universal installation
  • Template system

Carousel Corner Internal Parts



Carousel Corner Technical Specifications

Inner Installation Dimensions
Item Code Width Depth Height
SCC800 714 714 700
All dimensions are in mm
Installation Guide Installation Templates

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Carousel Corner

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