F1 Larder Unit 1250

Need to accommodate your kitchen storage, want to maintain the elegance of your interior but don’t require a 12 basket larder unit? Check out our F1 Larder unit that provides a smaller version of the Larder unit to fit all your necessary items while not consuming extra space. The F1 larder units are available in different height and width sizes.The units come with an adjustable height to adjust to your needs. They are designed to hold a number of things in a smart and efficient manner, so you don’t have to divulge in the dilemma of storage. The sliding is smooth thus easing your process. To increase the life of the storage unit we have powder coated it along with using chrome plating. This ensures protection against corrosion. The chrome plating improves the durability and toughness of the unit. Furthermore the use of the High Gloss UV HMR board adds to the style.To top it all, our products come with a price tag that fits in every budget. Rest assured if you shop with us, as you won’t have to worry about neither the quality nor the charges. Do check out our other products as well!

Larder Unit Features

  • Soft Closing
  • Adjustable Heights
  • High Gloss UV HMR Board
  • DIY installation
  • Smooth functioning
  • Universal installation
  • Best in Quality Powder Coating & Chrome Plating
  • Template system

Larder Units Internal Parts

Spitze F1 Larder Unit 1250 Basket

Spitze F1 Larder Unit 1250 Mechanism

Larder Unit Technical Specifications

Inner Installation Dimensions
Item Code Width Depth Height
SF1LU1250450 414 500 1250-1450
SF1LU1250600 564 500 1250-1450
All dimensions are in mm
Installation Guide Installation Templates

F1 Larder Unit 1250 Video