Go Flow

We are in a constant search for more time. Won’t we love if we have a little spare time from our daily hectic schedule? If you want that spare time check out our go flow kitchen storage system. It is a masterpiece that brings convenience and class in one. Just as the name suggests the storage unit is extremely smooth in working thus saving you time. Its adjustable height and DIY installation system enables you to fit all that you need in a very convenient and neat manner. The storage system is also not visible in the open thus maintaining the rich look of your interior. Our system takes care of both your time and space issues. What more do you need?

Go Flow Features

  • Soft Opening & Soft Closing
  • Adjustable Heights
  • High Gloss UV HMR Board
  • DIY installation
  • Smooth functioning
  • Universal installation
  • Best in Quality Powder Coating & Chrome Plating
  • Template system

Go Flow Internal Parts



Go Flow Technical Specifications

Inner Installation Dimensions
Item Code Width Depth Height Inner Door Width
SGF450 830 460 700 414
SGF500 864 535 700 464
All dimensions are in mm
Installation Guide Installation Templates

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Go Flow

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