Tall Unit 1250

Be it a daily schedule of breakfast-lunch-snacks-dinner or an eventual gathering with a grander culinary plans included, the Tall Units are exclusively designed to be the right answer to your FAQs – frequently asked quantities – in a very ergonomic way. It’s an absolute fusion of clear overview, quick access and optimal storing capacity that a kitchen of today requires very much. Moreover, its formidable load bearing capacity is smartly complimented by the super easy movement thanks to SoftClose mechanism. After all, life is a privilege that you indulge into every day.

Tall Unit 1250 Features

  • Soft Closing
  • Adjustable Heights
  • High Gloss UV HMR Board
  • DIY installation
  • Smooth functioning
  • Universal installation
  • Best in Quality Powder Coating & Chrome Plating
  • Template system
  • 4-way Micro Facia adjustment ( 2-4mm ) with screws
  • Creamy option is also available, which is an European Mechanism for Ultra-Soft functioning.

Tall Unit 1250 Internal Parts



Creamy Mechanism

Tall Unit 1250 Technical Specifications

Inner Installation Dimensions
Item Code Width Depth Height
STU1250300 264 480 1250-1450
STU1250450 414 480 1250-1450
Installation Guide Installation Templates

Tall Unit 1250 Video