Top 7 Things to Remember while Designing your Custom Kitchen

The new-age modular kitchen has become widespread in urban Indian houses because it is customized as per the house owner’s needs. Modular kitchens stand out corresponded to traditional carpenter-made ones because they maximize storage, are ergonomic, and are eligible to operate. Since modular kitchens are factory-manufactured, they have to be developed precisely because no modifications can be included when the modular kitchen is underneath production. 


Also, there are a bunch of factors that require to be thought about for designing a functional kitchen, as well as it doesn’t miss on aesthetics. Developing and executing a kitchen can pinch your pocket, be stressful and time-consuming if all the small things are not before its execution. Through this blog, we want to make sure that you don’t miss the critical factors that must be considered before designing a kitchen. Let us dive into the blog without squandering any more time.


Plan the Layout:

Planning the kitchen layout is the most critical step in designing your dream kitchen. It is the basis of an adequate kitchen as it defines the traffic direction, the work triangle, mandatory distances, and ergonomics.

Nowadays, modular kitchens arrive in 4 primary layout styles, namely L-shaped style and Parallel style, C-shaped style, and U-shaped style or Island style. While all kinds have their immediate space needs, the standard thing between them is that they all guarantee proper work triangles and traffic flow. The most critical element is the assignment of the sink, the cooking area, and the refrigerator, whether they complete each other and improve its efficiency. 



It is hard to adapt and access electronic devices if the kitchen is not designed precisely. It is essential to determine and prioritize what devices you are heading to buy for your kitchen and be conscious of their sizes and arrangements in the kitchen before you begin your kitchen to get accomplished. 



When building a storage space, personalize the bins by creating differently-sized areas for both the utensils and the devices. Creating kitchen cupboards only for herbs and other foodstuffs would not be sufficient as modular kitchen devices such as a mixer grinder, juicer, and so on also require space. Add kitchen furnishings such as pantry tall regiments or pullouts to keep food, numerous bottles. Even adding sectional drawers to store spoons and knives would be helpful. The modular modern kitchen idea indeed allows one to design the kitchen to fit in their working process and rather not the other way around.


Surface Materials and Finishes:

When one thinks about making a modular kitchen, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is storage and cabinets. Apart from its active component, it also counts for its aesthetic worth and provides your kitchen with a unique character. 

Finishes such as membrane foils, polymers, acrylic, laminates are most utilized for texture finishes, and they all have pros and cons, relying on their durability, aesthetics, and pricing. You can also obtain materials such as raw or lacquered wood, granite, metals such as aluminum but be wise sufficient to determine what suits you and your requirements.


Cabinetry Blocks and Overhead Cupboards:

The most critical error people make at the planning phase of the kitchen is not qualifying for sufficient storage. It is recommended to use every niche and corner, setting into thinking overhead cupboards straight up to the top rather than defecting a gap on top, which evolves a relaxing space for dust to gather. Put inventory of all the items you require to adjust in your cabinets, from utensils to electronics, in advancement so as to bypass decluttering your countertops.


Power Supply and Points:

It would be best if you didn’t regret not having enough electric points in your kitchen to run electronic appliances after you have made an expensive kitchen. It is very important to plan in advance all electronic devices you want to use and their placement in the kitchen to leave electronic supply points in advance. 


Don’t forget the backsplash:

Talking about all the valuable things that come to mind in designing a kitchen, we might forget the importance of the backsplash and how it adds to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. Apart from being the cherry on the cake for your kitchen, the backsplash also makes it more comfortable to clean up the mess after cooking.



The above listed are just a few of the numerous other things to think about while planning your kitchen. You will get the needed assistance from professional designers about the latest modular kitchen designs. For professional service, you can contact Spitze By every day. Their professional designer will help you with the right design for your modular kitchen. Also, they will make your kitchen eye-catching; therefore, without wasting time, book your appointment with them now. 

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How do modular kitchens differ from carpenter-made Kitchens?

Your neighbor just purchased a bright and stylish modular kitchen. While you love the way it looks, you don’t know whether it would be an improvement over a traditional, carpenter-made one. Almost every homeowner has faced the dilemma of a modular vs. carpenter-made kitchen.

It’s not an easy choice, given that carpenters have always been the go-to people, but factory-made modular designs seem to have a better finish! Here’s our take on the modular kitchen vs. carpenter-made kitchens debate. We hope this gives you all the insights you need.

Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen has pre-manufactured wardrobes and supplements that are fit jointly to suit the measurements of your kitchen. The wardrobes come in standardized dimensions and are available in various pre-determined styles. The woodwork is factory-made and conveyed to the site and made.

Carpenter Made Kitchen

On the other hand, a carpenter-made kitchen is built by hand by local carpenters. They pursue their age-old traditional strategies of woodworking. These carpenters cut aircraft, and finish the boxes by hand and often perform at the site itself.


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • If the carpenters take leaves, the work will go pending, and it will take time to complete it.

Modular Kitchen:

  • These kitchens are ready to install in your kitchen, so they will not require more time to install.

Planning & Designing:

Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • Since they observe ancient practices, it can be challenging to get them to design nowadays in trend. The design option is limited, relying on the carpenter’s growing skill.
  • They can’t feed you look like a 3D design of your kitchen, which is obtainable from new-age designers.
  • This one is the standard and most relatable way of building a kitchen. Carpenters are locally known and manageable to approach.

Modular Kitchen:

These days multiple brands of modular kitchens are available in the market. To discover the right one who can prepare for your requirements and provide quality products need some investigation.

  • These days many brands of modular kitchens are available in the market. To locate the correct one who can plan for your needs and deliver quality products need some research.
  • They can deliver an excellent design for your kitchen based on the size. Skilled designers do planning with a good study of users.
  • They can supply you with a 3D design of your chosen kitchen plan, which allows you in better selection.

Material & Durability:

Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • We have the opportunity to select a good quality wood of our selection.
  • Establishing a fine quality wood and designing it with carpenter-made kitchens are more long-lasting.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Most of the modular kitchens use “Finagled Wood. “This is not natural wood. It is just a timber waste glued jointly.
  • You can earn high grades of wood in a modular kitchen, which is not transferred and is favorably costly.


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • These kitchens are not transferable or adjustable. Once you fix something in your kitchen, you cannot modify or move it from one location to another.
  • You cannot separate your kitchen rack for cleaning.
  • It is hard to withdraw or modify any element.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Modular kitchens are comfortable to move and flexible. You can maintain the whole kitchen setup to another home.
  • It is easy to detach and wash here.
  • We can efficiently return any modular kitchen element at any point in time. 


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • Carpenter-made kitchens are cost-effective.
  • It’s easier to play around with the budget. In the same instance as earlier, if you are someone looking for home renovation in Gujarat, a local carpenter is more relaxed with pricing.

Modular Kitchen:

  • A modular kitchen is comparatively increased in cost.
  • You can select a kitchen depending on your funding.
  • The price goes up according to the rate of kitchen materials. 

Maintenance & Warranty:

Carpenter-made Kitchen:

  • Especially there is no warranty applied from the carpenter side.
  • These kitchens are comfortable to maintain and don’t need any extra measure.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Most of the modular kitchen brands provide five years of warranty.
  • Carrying glossy finished cupboards always needs extra effort and care. 


We hope this will allow you to make an educated determination about which way you would like to follow! While modular kitchens are evolving more popular because of all the benefits they deliver. If you have a carpenter who is exceptionally well known to you and certified to give you superior quality at a very competitive cost, you could certainly consider that alternative.

Contact spitze by every day and get your modular kitchen done right away with their experts. Their experts have the best knowledge about designing modular kitchens in the best way and quickly. So don’t waste time thinking; pick your phone and book your modular kitchen now.

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Space Saving Standing Kitchen Accessories That You Must Buy!

The kitchen is one part of a house which is a lot more than just cooking and eating. It’s one of the most prominent areas which keeps the family happy and together. From engaging visitors to family members assembling on weekends, a kitchen is what makes the house a home. Regardless of whether you’re revamping, rearranging, or substantially redesigning this space, consider how you live before rolling out any improvements.

Get motivated to change this region with these down to earth and simple-to-take decorative space saving standing kitchen accessories from the house of Everyday India.

Multi-Purpose Rack System

The multi-purpose rack system is a gorgeous one of a kind stand which can simply be hanged around anywhere in your kitchen. Manufactured with hundred percent stainless steel, this rack is perfect for holding little jars or indoor plants as well. Or just anything that you need handy while you’re running the show in your kitchens.

Multi-Purpose Pullout

The multi-purpose pullout is yet again a masterpiece from Everyday India. It comes in three sizes and has two steel racks for hoarding items. Placing such pullouts under your sink space can make your routine cleaning requirements less chaotic and organized.

Pole System

Pole system is an excellent way to transform your ordinary kitchen into a modern marvel. It has a pole with attached racks for showcasing your expensive kitchen items.

Garbage Bins

Everyday India has come up with a radical approach to dispose-off your kitchen waste. These containers are made of stainless steel rods and can be placed anywhere outside or in hidden spaces of the kitchen. Isn’t that an amazing way to keep it neat and clean?

Adjustable Plate Holders

The flexible plate holders are made of fine grade plastic material which helps keep your expensive crockery in one place. And will also keep your kids from breaking them to glory!

Detergent Rack

The detergent rack is something which everyone needs. Ideal for storing any dish washing bars and soap dispensers you many have lying around in your kitchen.

The Sink Basket

The sink basket lets your dishes be washed and stacked in one place, so the entire water drips off them right into the sink. It surely keeps your slab from getting those nasty stains.

Glass Plate Rack System

This product is truly a work of art. It comes in two sizes and perfect for displaying any plates or glassware that you may want to show off!

Glass Holder

The glass holder is made up stainless steel and can easily fit on under the surface of any rack. It lets your glasses hand upside down in all their glory.

Corner Rack System

This rack system is specially designed for fitting into those small corners you have in your kitchens. It’s perfect for storing away little jars and sauce dispenser bottles which you usually find lying astray in kitchens.

Dish Holder / Cup Glass Holder / Fruit Basket

These three products help in neatly stacking your dishes, cups, and fruits just in case you want them to be placed on top of your kitchen slabs.

Paper Napkin Dispenser System / Tube System Accessories

Do you often forget about where your paper napkins are? These two products when held together will immaculately display your paper napkins. Both are rust-free and would last a long time.

Recipe Book Holder

If you are someone who adores cooking new every day, then this recipe book holder is your savior. It has a contemporary and unique design and will surely save you from spilling anything on your recipe book next time.

spitzebyeverydaySpace Saving Standing Kitchen Accessories That You Must Buy!
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Top of kitchen cabinet trends: The Larder Kitchen Cabinet 6’

The kitchen is the place where most of the housewives generally spend a significant amount of their time. When going for a kitchen remodeling, for the most part, means an entire makeover for your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Regardless of whether it’s a new in-trend designing or simply new cabinetry, it’s an open door for a shiny new look and feels to what is regularly the most utilized space in a home. With all the weight of it being appropriate especially for magnificence and capacity, make sure to consider the most recent kitchen cupboard patterns.

Hidden cabinets are highly picking up pace and more people with passing time are resorting to the efficiency they provide when it comes to storing kitchen goods. The best part is that they come in all shapes and sizes and can easily be moved around the space without much hassle.

They readily fit in with the modern interior space of your kitchens and provide the neatness by storing in everything effortlessly. One such product in the category goes by the name of The Larder Cabinet organizer by Everyday India.

At 6’ tall, this beautiful cabinet falls under the big cabinet category and is graciously known to stack almost everything in your kitchen, from utensils to cutlery.

It comes with both rack and basket combination and pull-out facility for storing kitchen essentials which come in all kinds of sizes. With a total of 7 main compartments in total, there are 7 more placed on the side of its door.

The entire case is designed of stainless steel which not only provides it with durability but also with strength in holding the heavy stock with safety. When it comes to the exact dimensions of the Larder Cabinet, it has a grand width of 450m, which makes it quite a cavernous cabinet in its large counterparts’ category.

The main storage racks of this cabinet are best for storing big jars and various boxes which are generally used up for storing food related items in the kitchen. The side frames’ arrangement is suitable for placing items such as cups, bottles and smaller storage jars.

Whether your storage jars are made of glass or plastic, you can be rest-assured that they will be safely stacked up in the Larder Cabinet kitchen and have a solid resting base underneath them.

Another big plus point of this storage kitchen cabinet is that it is completely sealed from each and every side, making it utterly impenetrable by anything foreign once the door of the enclosure has been shut.

This helps in keeping your products safe from the raid of house mice and various other common pests found in many homes. The exterior of this cabinet is designed bearing in mind the modernistic approach which most kitchens today are usually designed with.

Hence, it very easily blends into the interiors. The Larder Cabinet is a great investment for your kitchen if you are looking to upgrade to both its design and orderliness at the same time.

spitzebyeverydayTop of kitchen cabinet trends: The Larder Kitchen Cabinet 6’
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What Makes Modular Kitchen Designs So Popular Among The Homemakers?

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In the modern era, homes are all about extra convenience and luxury. Likewise, a beautiful and functional kitchen space is the much needed requirement of every homemaker. After all, every Indian homemaker spends maximum time in kitchen cooking healthy and delicious food items for their families and hence, with a properly organized kitchen the tasks can become easier and quicker for them. So, modular kitchens have become the need of the hour.

Modular kitchens offer efficient storage space along with beautiful looks created by great designs which can be customized for all kitchen sizes and spaces. Modular kitchen designs are so eye-catching that every homemaker dreams of owning one of those.

Reasons for Popularity of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchen accessories and designs are available in plethora of options to suit everyone’s budget and functional requirements. A well-designed modular kitchen can help you stay organized with your kitchen items and greatly improve your work efficiency throughout the day.

It’s Easy Customizing Your Kitchen According to Your Needs

In modular kitchens, there are pre-manufactured cabinet parts that can be easily assembled to create a customized design well suited for the available space. There are straight modular kitchen designs, parallel modular kitchen design, L or U shaped kitchens, island kitchen layout and even small modular kitchen designs to meet all kinds of kitchen space designing requirements of the home maker. Based on one’s square foot area available, one can get their kitchen designed for optimum look and functionality with these designs.

Systematic Allocation of Space

Modular kitchens are made of various individual cabinets of different sizes that can allow systematic allocation of your storage space. One can get cabinets designed according to their storage needs and available space, nooks and corners in the kitchen. With such custom cabinets, it’s easier utilizing every nook and corner of your kitchen area to improve its storage capacity. It greatly saves space and helps you maintain a neat and well-organized kitchen with ease. Hence, modular kitchen designs can be proper fit for all types of kitchen spaces whether big, small or medium.

Embed Style in Your Space

Modular kitchens are known for their posh appearance. With modern kitchen accessories like splash backs, pegboards, pull outs, lift ups, tandem drawers, larder units and glossy finishes, today’s modular kitchens are greatly appealing for sure. Smart assembling of modular kitchen accessories can create worthy design for your kitchen that not only makes it stylish and sleek but also functional up to the mark at the same time. Moreover, you have the choice of selecting an eye-pleasing color for your kitchen interiors from a dynamic range of colors available.

Design Your Kitchen According to Your Budget Limitations

The best thing about modular kitchens is that they can be created to meet one’s specific needs according to their budget criteria. You can choose your kitchen accessories and design as per your budget limits and best thing is that you can find plethora of options according to the needed price range. There are various material options, color options, design options and cabinet style options available for various budget requirements. With the help of an expert, you can get your hands on the best accessories and kitchen design that you need for your kitchen space within your budget.

Easy Maintenance & Assembling

One of the best features of modular kitchen is that it is built with pre-fabricated components that are easy to assemble and disassemble whenever required. Hence, if you are moving quite often and have to keep shifting to other places, then this style makes it easier to fit out your kitchen in the new space. Moreover, as there are individual cabinets all over, you can easily maintain or repair a cabinet without having to disturb the entire thing. Hence, maintenance becomes a lot easier task with modular kitchen design.

Material Variety is Awesome

With modular kitchens, you get a chance to select the material used to build your kitchen interiors. Materials like plywood, PVC, glass, aluminum, steel etc., are available for design of kitchen cabinets and their interiors, while, for kitchen counter tops, you can select from materials like granite, marble, laminate, quartz etc. All materials have a different price tag and hence, it is wise to go with the material that fits both your budget and kitchen functionality needs.

On an end note, we can say that kitchens can be better designed for optimum storage, functionality and appeal with modular designs. Modular kitchen design and accessories give you the convenience to build your kitchen as per your needs, space availability and budget limitations. These not only ease the task of homemakers to maintain their kitchen but also give them pleasant interiors to work in, without getting exhausted. So, there’s no doubt modular kitchens are so popular among the homemakers.

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Trending Kitchen Storage Accessories to Improvise Kitchen Interiors

It’s a dream of every homemaker to have a posh and well-set kitchen with sufficient storage space. Especially when one has a new home to plan out, it becomes really a tough task to decide on how to utilize the available kitchen space with right storage accessories and products. Even small kitchen spaces can be converted into ample storage areas as per one’s requirements with good knowledge of kitchen storage accessories and products.

So, if you are hiring an interior designer for the purpose, the process gets definitely becomes smooth. But, if you are doing it on your own, you need to be aware of latest trends in kitchen storage accessories and various material options available with these products. Here are some great ideas for kitchen storage accessories for great storage space and interiors.

Go Vertical

Vertical storage solutions are in trend now as these can be best options for interiors of almost every kind of kitchen. It is really wonderful how much and what all can be packed into a tall and shallow space with the help of vertical storage products especially the larder units. These tall storage units are soft closing, height adjustable storing spaces that have been designed for an ultimate smooth functioning. Not only functionality, even their appearance elevates the look of one’s kitchen as these are available in high gloss finishing.

They are powder coated and chrome plated with supreme quality of materials. From spices to spoons, bottles to boxes, you can store anything in these shallow spaces neatly and in an order.

Utilize Your Corners To The Best

The most difficultly accessible space of the kitchen is definitely the corner of your kitchen platform. Now-a-days there are different options available to get these neglected spaces into function. For example, go flow is an efficient space utilization solution when you have a tight blind corner in your kitchen cabinet. With its smartly shaped curves, sturdy body and easy trajectory defined movement, go flow not only makes its super easy to store items in your kitchen cabinet corners, but also gives extreme convenience of accessing them in the busiest hours of the work.

Similarly, one can also opt for magic corners, blind corners and carousel corner storage solutions for your difficult-to-access kitchen corners. All of these come with storage baskets and can be designed with right or left hand opening option as per one’s convenience.

Lift Your Kitchen Looks with Cabinet Lift Up Solutions

Overhead kitchen cabinets with traditional two door opening system require more space and can also hinder access of adjacent cabinets when opened. A better solution for small kitchens is lift-up cabinet. Cabinet lift-up usually fold upwards and can be opened effortlessly with slight push or touch. The special mechanism of lift-up cabinets keeps them in position when opened and hence, there is no need of holding the cabinet door until we access the items inside.

Moreover, these lift-up cabinets come in variety of material options like laminates, acrylic and glass. Therefore, they can chosen according to one’s choice and kitchen design to elevate the interior look of the kitchen as well. One can choose these cabinet lift-up solutions as per their budget and hence, accordingly select either BI fold lift-ups, Single door lift-ups or free stop lift ups for their needs.

Apart from these, slim tandem drawers, roller shutters and drawer pull outs also come in variety of designs and material options to choose from. One can go for the apt options with these according to their kitchen needs and budget limitations. The foremost thing to keep in mind while buying kitchen storage accessories is to get them from a reliable kitchen storage accessories supplier so that one can get the best quality at reasonable price.

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