Top 7 Things to Remember while Designing your Custom Kitchen

The new-age modular kitchen has become widespread in urban Indian houses because it is customized as per the house owner’s needs. Modular kitchens stand out corresponded to traditional carpenter-made ones because they maximize storage, are ergonomic, and are eligible to operate. Since modular kitchens are factory-manufactured, they have to be developed precisely because no modifications can be included when the modular kitchen is underneath production. 


Also, there are a bunch of factors that require to be thought about for designing a functional kitchen, as well as it doesn’t miss on aesthetics. Developing and executing a kitchen can pinch your pocket, be stressful and time-consuming if all the small things are not before its execution. Through this blog, we want to make sure that you don’t miss the critical factors that must be considered before designing a kitchen. Let us dive into the blog without squandering any more time.


Plan the Layout:

Planning the kitchen layout is the most critical step in designing your dream kitchen. It is the basis of an adequate kitchen as it defines the traffic direction, the work triangle, mandatory distances, and ergonomics.

Nowadays, modular kitchens arrive in 4 primary layout styles, namely L-shaped style and Parallel style, C-shaped style, and U-shaped style or Island style. While all kinds have their immediate space needs, the standard thing between them is that they all guarantee proper work triangles and traffic flow. The most critical element is the assignment of the sink, the cooking area, and the refrigerator, whether they complete each other and improve its efficiency. 



It is hard to adapt and access electronic devices if the kitchen is not designed precisely. It is essential to determine and prioritize what devices you are heading to buy for your kitchen and be conscious of their sizes and arrangements in the kitchen before you begin your kitchen to get accomplished. 



When building a storage space, personalize the bins by creating differently-sized areas for both the utensils and the devices. Creating kitchen cupboards only for herbs and other foodstuffs would not be sufficient as modular kitchen devices such as a mixer grinder, juicer, and so on also require space. Add kitchen furnishings such as pantry tall regiments or pullouts to keep food, numerous bottles. Even adding sectional drawers to store spoons and knives would be helpful. The modular modern kitchen idea indeed allows one to design the kitchen to fit in their working process and rather not the other way around.


Surface Materials and Finishes:

When one thinks about making a modular kitchen, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is storage and cabinets. Apart from its active component, it also counts for its aesthetic worth and provides your kitchen with a unique character. 

Finishes such as membrane foils, polymers, acrylic, laminates are most utilized for texture finishes, and they all have pros and cons, relying on their durability, aesthetics, and pricing. You can also obtain materials such as raw or lacquered wood, granite, metals such as aluminum but be wise sufficient to determine what suits you and your requirements.


Cabinetry Blocks and Overhead Cupboards:

The most critical error people make at the planning phase of the kitchen is not qualifying for sufficient storage. It is recommended to use every niche and corner, setting into thinking overhead cupboards straight up to the top rather than defecting a gap on top, which evolves a relaxing space for dust to gather. Put inventory of all the items you require to adjust in your cabinets, from utensils to electronics, in advancement so as to bypass decluttering your countertops.


Power Supply and Points:

It would be best if you didn’t regret not having enough electric points in your kitchen to run electronic appliances after you have made an expensive kitchen. It is very important to plan in advance all electronic devices you want to use and their placement in the kitchen to leave electronic supply points in advance. 


Don’t forget the backsplash:

Talking about all the valuable things that come to mind in designing a kitchen, we might forget the importance of the backsplash and how it adds to the aesthetic value of the kitchen. Apart from being the cherry on the cake for your kitchen, the backsplash also makes it more comfortable to clean up the mess after cooking.



The above listed are just a few of the numerous other things to think about while planning your kitchen. You will get the needed assistance from professional designers about the latest modular kitchen designs. For professional service, you can contact Spitze By every day. Their professional designer will help you with the right design for your modular kitchen. Also, they will make your kitchen eye-catching; therefore, without wasting time, book your appointment with them now. 

spitzebyeverydayTop 7 Things to Remember while Designing your Custom Kitchen