How do modular kitchens differ from carpenter-made Kitchens?

Your neighbor just purchased a bright and stylish modular kitchen. While you love the way it looks, you don’t know whether it would be an improvement over a traditional, carpenter-made one. Almost every homeowner has faced the dilemma of a modular vs. carpenter-made kitchen.

It’s not an easy choice, given that carpenters have always been the go-to people, but factory-made modular designs seem to have a better finish! Here’s our take on the modular kitchen vs. carpenter-made kitchens debate. We hope this gives you all the insights you need.

Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen has pre-manufactured wardrobes and supplements that are fit jointly to suit the measurements of your kitchen. The wardrobes come in standardized dimensions and are available in various pre-determined styles. The woodwork is factory-made and conveyed to the site and made.

Carpenter Made Kitchen

On the other hand, a carpenter-made kitchen is built by hand by local carpenters. They pursue their age-old traditional strategies of woodworking. These carpenters cut aircraft, and finish the boxes by hand and often perform at the site itself.


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • If the carpenters take leaves, the work will go pending, and it will take time to complete it.

Modular Kitchen:

  • These kitchens are ready to install in your kitchen, so they will not require more time to install.

Planning & Designing:

Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • Since they observe ancient practices, it can be challenging to get them to design nowadays in trend. The design option is limited, relying on the carpenter’s growing skill.
  • They can’t feed you look like a 3D design of your kitchen, which is obtainable from new-age designers.
  • This one is the standard and most relatable way of building a kitchen. Carpenters are locally known and manageable to approach.

Modular Kitchen:

These days multiple brands of modular kitchens are available in the market. To discover the right one who can prepare for your requirements and provide quality products need some investigation.

  • These days many brands of modular kitchens are available in the market. To locate the correct one who can plan for your needs and deliver quality products need some research.
  • They can deliver an excellent design for your kitchen based on the size. Skilled designers do planning with a good study of users.
  • They can supply you with a 3D design of your chosen kitchen plan, which allows you in better selection.

Material & Durability:

Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • We have the opportunity to select a good quality wood of our selection.
  • Establishing a fine quality wood and designing it with carpenter-made kitchens are more long-lasting.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Most of the modular kitchens use “Finagled Wood. “This is not natural wood. It is just a timber waste glued jointly.
  • You can earn high grades of wood in a modular kitchen, which is not transferred and is favorably costly.


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • These kitchens are not transferable or adjustable. Once you fix something in your kitchen, you cannot modify or move it from one location to another.
  • You cannot separate your kitchen rack for cleaning.
  • It is hard to withdraw or modify any element.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Modular kitchens are comfortable to move and flexible. You can maintain the whole kitchen setup to another home.
  • It is easy to detach and wash here.
  • We can efficiently return any modular kitchen element at any point in time. 


Carpenter-made kitchen:

  • Carpenter-made kitchens are cost-effective.
  • It’s easier to play around with the budget. In the same instance as earlier, if you are someone looking for home renovation in Gujarat, a local carpenter is more relaxed with pricing.

Modular Kitchen:

  • A modular kitchen is comparatively increased in cost.
  • You can select a kitchen depending on your funding.
  • The price goes up according to the rate of kitchen materials. 

Maintenance & Warranty:

Carpenter-made Kitchen:

  • Especially there is no warranty applied from the carpenter side.
  • These kitchens are comfortable to maintain and don’t need any extra measure.

Modular Kitchen:

  • Most of the modular kitchen brands provide five years of warranty.
  • Carrying glossy finished cupboards always needs extra effort and care. 


We hope this will allow you to make an educated determination about which way you would like to follow! While modular kitchens are evolving more popular because of all the benefits they deliver. If you have a carpenter who is exceptionally well known to you and certified to give you superior quality at a very competitive cost, you could certainly consider that alternative.

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spitzebyeverydayHow do modular kitchens differ from carpenter-made Kitchens?